Average SAT/ACT Scores For The University of California (UC) Schools

What kind of SAT/ACT scores do you need to get into the University of California (UC) schools such as UCLA, Berkeley, UC San Diego, and UC Irvine?

Look at the infographic below for the average SAT/ACT scores of the admitted class of 2017.

If you have a SAT/ACT score far below the average, you may want to consider studying to raise your SAT/ACT score or make sure that you have a higher GPA or stellar extracurriculars to make up for it.

If you have a SAT/ACT around or above the average, the competitiveness of the school is on par for you, although keep in mind that a SAT/ACT score alone will not guarantee you admission. It’s an important part of the college application, but it is, at the end of the day, just one part of the picture.

An infographic about the SAT and ACT scores needed to get into the University of California (UC) Schools

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