Average SAT/ACT Scores for the Ivy League

What kind of SAT/ACT score does it take to get into the Ivy League, the most competitive and prestigious schools in the nation?

The infographic below states the average SAT/ACT scores of the admitted classes of 2017 for Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, Yale, UPenn, and Cornell.

Based on the information below, it’s clear that you need to have a score higher than 1450 or an ACT score of around 33 to be a competitive applicant.

However, keep in mind that SAT/ACT scores aren’t everything. An SAT score in the 1500s or high 1400s should be sufficient score-wise for your application, but you will also need a very strong GPA and extracurricular activities that show off your commitment, passions, and the person that you are, more than just academics.

Average SAT and ACT Scores needed to get into the Ivy League

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